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  • There is something stunning in regards to the line of black evening dresses that we provide to our customers. Could it be their sense of form-fitting allure that is perfectly suited for the modern woman? Perhaps it is the fact that such dresses are able to blend with virtually any other bespoke accessory. Some will observe that such garments are just as perfectly suited to be worn within a casual gathering as they are when heading out to a formal dinner. The truth of the matter is that all of these amenities are some of the reasons why the fashionable women will opt for such dresses.

  • At ESCADA, we firmly believe that one of the most important considerations for any woman is the ability to be provided with a wide selection of garments to choose from. For example, there may be instances when black evening dresses with sleeves are suited for outdoor events. However, sleeveless options are quite suited for warmer nights of the year. Flowing gowns are perfect for those who wish to exhibit a more traditional appeal while garments with higher cuts can be chosen by the woman who opts to display a hint of sensuality. Just as no two personalities are alike, we are happy to be able to provide the customer with a number of options so that she can make the best possible choice.

  • There are many benefits in regards to using black as a solid color. It boasts strength, power and confidence. However, there are also times when different designs and patterns are required. One such instance can be seen in the synergy displayed with the black gold evening dresses that are offered through ESCADA. Not only do these two hues perfectly complement one another, but black and gold can match many other accessories such as a designer handbag or a pair of leather pumps. Those who have been looking to punctuate such black evening dresses with a bit of a "twist" will not be disappointed with this option.

  • One of the best ways to leave a lasting impression it is utilize our black evening dresses with sleeves in combination with a tasteful selection of silver jewelry. Silver and black work excellent together and each will serve to enhance the qualities of the other. Likewise, black gold evening dresses can work quite well with gold necklaces, pendants, earrings and even a tiny ankle bracelet. Although these dresses are stunning standalone garments, many fashion-conscious women will choose to exhibit a bit more flair with such options. Thanks to the wide selection of these dresses that we provide, even the most discriminating of tastes can be catered to with ease. If you have been searching for such one-of-a-kind items, you have come to the right place. These dresses are very literally only a click away. Feel free to browse our extensive collection; you will not be disappointed!