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  • Cocktail dresses have always been some of the most prevalent and popular garments on the market. At ESCADA, we take a great deal of pride in being able to provide you with numerous variations to choose from. Do you have an upcoming formal dinner to attend? Are you required to host a handful of guests at your workplace? Cocktail dresses are sensible and sensual options that should never be overlooked.

  • Of course, it is important that cocktail dresses for women are able to exude a silent sense of luxury and appeal. Whether choosing a solid black design or you prefer one that includes patterns or even pastels, such a dress is destined to serve you quite well. From the formal to the more relaxed and casual, ESCADA has designed these garments with the needs of the wearer keenly in mind. Still, any dress needs to be functional and to be able to boast years of use. Thanks to the quality fabrics and stitching found within this line, these are two areas that you will never have to be concerned about.

  • As mentioned previously, the power of flexibility is always important to keep in mind. Cocktail dresses for wedding will obviously be designed differently than those intended for a night out dancing. For events such as weddings, communions and christenings, it is best to choose a full-length dress. Short sleeves, long sleeves or even sleeveless varieties are all able to be worn. However, a more informal gathering can make use of lower necklines, tighter hems and even single-strap variants. As we appreciate that different situations will require different styles and designs, you can rest assured that you will find what you are looking for. There is no doubt that our cocktail dresses work excellently all by themselves. Still, many women will choose to wear these items with other fashion accessories. You may prefer to wear such a dress out when it is combined with a similarly themed handbag. Or, why not enjoy this dress in combination with a pair of leather high heels? Jewelry such as chokers, pendants and necklaces will all serve to enhance the unique style of these dresses. The ultimate choice is naturally up to you. With so many different styles, colors and cuts to choose from, you will always be able to make the right decision. From taking a walk on the wild side to achieving a scintillating appeal during a formal gathering, our cocktail dresses for women deserve a closer look. Browse through our selection in more detail to fully appreciate the options that you can enjoy.