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  • ESCADA is more than capable to address the needs of the fashion-conscious woman. From smaller accessories such as scarf to the line of elegant dresses that are offered, achieving any desired look is more of a reality now than ever before. Of course, the term "elegant dress" encompasses many different styles, designs and sizes. The reason for such flexibility arises from the fact that no two situations are alike. Whether you wish a dress to match more formal settings or a lighthearted feel is the most appropriate, the selection provided will undoubtedly satisfy. With so many styles to choose from, what are some of the benefits that this entire line shares?

  • There are undoubtedly instances when elegant dresses with sleeves are the most appropriate. These can range from a high-end business presentation to the wedding of a friend. Although this may very well exhibit a more conservative look, the ability for these dresses to mirror femininity and a hint of sexuality is just as present here. Different colors and cuts are naturally offered; addressing the physical needs of the wearer while never detracting from her professional acumen. ESCADA is able to provide a variety of these dresses.

  • During the warmer months of the year or for those who are attending informal gatherings such as parties, sleeveless elegant dresses are extremely useful garments. With varying necklines and a freedom of movement not often seen in the more formal variety, this type is able to keep one cool while never taking away from their physical allure. As before, ESCADA offers numerous designs, colors and patterns to select. Some will fit rather loose around the torso and waist while others can present a flowing appeal; perfect for humid days when ventilation is a must. As sleeveless dresses have become very popular, it is no surprise that these garments are often seen within the fashion community and on the red carpet.

  • Another massive benefit of either type is that such dresses can be used in conjunction with a number of other accessories. Part of this will revolve around the color of dress chosen. Those who are looking for a more vibrant appeal can choose elegant red dresses alongside shoes and handbags of a similar tone. Or, the colors can complement one another. Red can be broken up with black shoes and a cream-colored handbag or hat. Color aside, many women will choose to wear elegant dresses with sleeves in combination with classy jewelry such as chokers and pendants. Or, the sleeveless variety can go perfect with a few well-placed charm bracelets. These are a mere handful of options that can be used in order to complete what can only be called a unique look. The dozens of dresses offered on our online shop will provide anyone with countless different options. Whether you desire elegant red dresses or those with a more formal appeal, please take a look at the styles and flavors that we have to offer.