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  • Our choice of gowns is able to address numerous different needs. Some of the most common events when such garments are worn will include proms, graduations, christenings, weddings or even the formal business dinner. The main point is that we fully appreciate the fact that every event is quite unique. Therefore, we take pride in being able to provide our customers with a bespoke collection that is as varied as it is unforgettable. Some will exhibit form-fitting cuts while others boast draping that displays a more flowing and airy look. So, it is now very easy to encounter the gown that is the most appropriate.

  • Those who hope to take glamor to the next level will be happy to learn that ESCADA is able to provide a host of options. One category that is particularly popular is our massive selection of evening gowns. Those who desire a demure look that embraces the latest colors, designs and fashion trends will not be disappointed. Including solid colours, flowing hems and intricate designs, nearly every need imaginable is able to be achieved with this series. Elegance aside, these dresses are constructed from quality materials. Therefore, the wearer will be able to experience years of use. Not only are such garments visually stunning, they are in many ways a very real investment for the future. There is no doubt that the center of attention will focus on the gown itself. Not only does this arise from the quality materials that are used in its construction, but some of the most innovative and cutting-edge designs are only a click away. Solid blacks, pastels and designer prints are all available. During the colder nights of the year you can combine these dresses with a sheer wrap or a bolero. As opposed to wearing a heavy coat, it is always better to choose a light-fitting shawl that can be easily tucked away once the evening heats up. However, there are many more options than mere garments to emphasize these stunning gowns.

  • Many women will rightfully choose certain pieces of jewelry to punctuate the flair of their evening gowns. Therefore it is wise to observe the habits of celebrities. Such gowns are often paired with shimmering necklaces, dazzling earrings or a quality pendant. Jewelry aside, it is always better to trade in an everyday purse for a clutch or handbag that can easily be draped over the shoulder. This will enable the wearer to store all of her essential items while not being burdened by a larger accessory. This handbag can either match the color of the evening gown or it can complement its design with the use of a similar print or even embedded crystals. The only limit to these choices is within one's own imagination. If you desire class and sensuality in a single package, please take a further look at the series of evening gowns that we have to offer.